Niaux 200. The Longest Wearing Disk Blade. 

The life span of replacement parts is an important factor in the profitability of today’s farms. Increased working speeds and abrasive soils demand longer wearing and better performing disk blades. Choosing Niaux 200 replacement disk blades will result in longer wear, less downtime, and overall better performance of your tillage and seeding equipment.


Over the past few years, the search for increased performance has become a major factor in the choice of farm machinery, and replacement parts. Today’s larger acre farms, and higher working speeds, of certain tillage operations, demands longer wearing and better performing disk blades for your tillage equipment.

In response to this, we offer the NIAUX 200 range of replacement disk blades, with a boosted blade hardness to up to 58 HRC. Increased hardness of the outer disk area results in less dulling of the cutting edge, and overall longer life of the blade.


The evolution of seed drills over the past few years has pushed us to find innovative solutions for OEMs.

The Niaux 200 Disk Blade for disk drills has consistently high qualities, such as maintaining tight tolerances for flatness (shape control), a machined edge for superior penetration in hard soil conditions, a durable edge that stands up in rocky conditions with no chipping or cracking, a self-sharpening wear pattern that extends the blade life, requiring less horsepower and better fuel economy.